How Does It Work?

TM is turn-key property management software and travel services designed for the individual vacation rental property owner. PMBOTM has built all of the features you need to manage your rental property yourself – without the 35% – 60% overhead charged by property management companies.

By leveraging an existing process, you can take advantage of features that would not be economically feasible to set up for an individual property.

Provide the Services Renters are Demanding:

  • Your Own Property Listing Website. Setup your website in a matter of minutes. Add pictures to increase property bookings. Make updates to your information whenever you want. Even use your own domain name!
  • Real Time Calendar Updates. A property calendar will keep track of availability for your unit automatically. You load the initial inventory. As reservations are made, inventory is automatically updated to unavailable. You have over-ride capability for any changes or cancellations.
  • Online Rates & Price Quotes. Generally, rentals are seasonal. You’ll want to be able to charge different rates for the different seasons. This self administered program will allow you to update rates for a specific day, week, month, or date range, giving you maximum flexibility. The appropriate rate will be displayed based on desired dates of stay. In addition, PMBOTM offers an online, real-time price quote feature, providing the prospective renter with a breakout of charges, complete with online discounts, special charges and applicable taxes.
  • Secure online reservations. Internet reservations are up over 1000% in just the past year for online travel. Vacationers are more internet saavy and deman secure, online reservation acceptance.PMBOTM utilizes Thwarte, a division of VeriSign, to ensure the highest in security standards.
  • Credit Card Acceptance. Believe it or not, vacation travel is often an impulse purchase. Take advantage of this by allowing your customer to immediately reserve your unit via secure credit card processing. You enjoy increased security in knowing that you have a credit card on record and that you’ve collected the entire amount up front for the reservation. No need to wait for a deposit check to arrive or have to track down the renter if you are manually processing a credit card that has expired or is no longer valid.
  • Rental Management Reports. Go online to view your rental management reports. These reports show you the rentals for your unit, monies collected, and taxes collected.
  • Email Confirmations. Both you and your renters will receive immediate email confirmation of their rentals. This email confirmation provides everything the renter needs including check in instructions, check out instructions, property address information, and directions.

    Everything you need to manage your own vacation or short term rental property – all for a low monthly ($19.99) or yearly ($149.99) membership fee!

Online Marketing Services are Also Included
PMBOTMhas a two fold approach to property management. 1) Develop a turn-key system to give property managers everything they need to manage their property effectively. 2) Create & Promote PMBOTM properties to generate traffic and reservation $’s for their members.

Some property owners are tempted to go with a formal management company because they don’t know how to market their own property. PMBOTMdoes this for you. We already have 2 affiliate sites dedicated to driving rental traffic to PMBOTM members. More sites will come online as market demand for a given area increases. For more information, check out our affiliate sites.

How Does PMBOTM Make Money?
PMBOTM makes money in two ways. 1) PMBOTMoffers turn-key rental property management software for use by it’s members for a recurring monthly or yearly fee. These fees are significantly lower than it would cost a property owner to set up on their own. For more information, Compare & Save. 2) In addition to the membership fee, PMBO also charges a 12% reservation fee for all rental reservations made online via the PMBOTMsite or affiliate sites. Think of PMBOTM as your online travel agency. We’re marketing our member properties via the internet and printed advertising. We only make money WHEN a reservation is made. In addition, our 12% is less than the standard 15% – 20% charged by most travel agents and much less than the standard 35% – 60% charged by formal vacation property management companies.

Get Started Today and turn your vacation property into a positive cash flow investment! Click here to get started using our property management software.