For Sale by Owner. For Rent by Owner. Offered by Owner. Direct per Owner. People find value in dealing directly with the owner and eliminating the middleman and the expenses associated with that third person. This is the fundamental philosophy of PMBOTM.

PMBOTM Company Principles:

  • Create a property management software system that allows a direct relationship between the property owner and the vacation or long term renter, minimizing the overhead costs of the middleman
  • Make it cost effective so that everyone can afford
  • Minimize set up time
  • Make it a complete turn-key system to minimize day to day requirements for managing the property – after all, most of us have full time jobs!
  • Make it easy
  • Make it fun

We believe we’ve created easy, cost effective property management software you can afford!

  • Take Advantage of Proven, Turn-Key System – one stop gives you everything you need to manage your own short term rental property – and you don’t have to sit by the phone or email and wait for reservations! We’ve eliminated the hassle by automating what you used to have to do manually – or pay 35% – 60% to have a management company do it for you!
  • Secure, Online Reservations & Credit Card Acceptance – Research shows that online reservations are growing and the customer base is demanding real-time, secure reservation processing. Our system provides this with no upfront fees or credit approvals.
  • Turn Up Your Website in Minutes – Online set up and administration allows you to set up your website and make changes in a matter of minutes.
  • Take Advantage of Online Target Marketing – Your property is automatically included in our affiliate websites (including VTBO.com and BreckenridgeRental.com) to generate immediate traffic to your property. This is an exclusive service only available to PMBOTM members. Think of us as your online travel agency. We direct prospects to your property and get paid ONLY when a reservation is made. In addition, PMBOTM and our affiliate sites take just 12%, not 20% or greater as is the norm for most travel agencies.

Get Started Today and turn your vacation property into a positive cash flow investment! Click here to get started using our rental property management software.