How to Pack for a Weekend Mountain Getaway

Planning a mountain getaway soon? Whether you’re planning on visiting in the summer or winter months, packing is a bit more tricky than your average vacation. A mountain getaway is often much cooler than a visit to somewhere in the lower altitudes. We will help you know what to pack so you’re prepared for your entire stay without your suitcase bursting at the seams! How to Pack for a Weekend Mountain Getaway

First, make a list of all the activities you plan to do during your mountain getaway. If something requires specific gear, make note of that. Also keep in mind any special outfits or shoes you may need to pack. And make sure to check your equipment before you leave. It would not be ideal to get to the ski slopes only to realize you have a crack in your skis.

Next you should check the upcoming weather forecast for the area you are planning to visit. If it’s wintertime, plan to bring a winter jacket, snowpants, gloves, hats, and scarves. If you’re traveling in the summer, plan to dress in layers. Shorts, pants, long and short sleeve shirts, and a jacket will be in order. Socks are a necessity, regardless of the season. Also, pack your sunglasses. The mountain sun can be intense.

We highly recommend bringing two pairs of shoes. We’re guessing you plan to be on a feet a fair amount, whether it’s hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. You want to have comfortable shoes to wear, and you might even need a second pair if your feet get hot or irritated from all that movement. Extra shoelaces also aren’t  a bad idea in case yours break!

To save room in your suitcase, we recommend rolling your clothes before packing them. Rolled clothing won’t take as much space as folded clothes. It will also help decrease the amount of wrinkles in your clothing!

Any liquid items you bring should be in plastic bags. Not only could your items leak, but altitude changes can cause your containers to leak. The plastic bags will protect the other items in your suitcase if leaking should occur.

If you’re on any prescription medications or have certain vitamins and supplements you must take daily, don’t forget them! If the weather quickly makes a turn for the worse, you want to ensure your quick mountain getaway stay isn’t cause for stress if you are required to stay for an extra day or two.

In case you’re a list person, here are the must have items for your mountain getaway:


  • suitcase
  • snowsuit or jacket and snow pants
  • gloves or mittens
  • sweater or lighter jacket
  • scarf (optional)
  • hat or other headgear
  • long and short sleeve tops
  • long pants
  • shorts for lounging (optional)
  • dress clothes (optional)
  • socks
  • undergarments
  • outdoor gear (skis, snowboard, snow shoes, etc.)
  • shoes – 2 pairs
  • extra shoelaces
  • plastic bags
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • prescription meds
  • toiletries

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your mountain getaway! Please consider Breckenridge Rental for your housing needs while visiting the great state of Colorado!