Where Should We Go Skiing This Year? Factors to Consider!

It’s a tough question – Where should we go skiing this year? There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to decide where to ski. Today we’ll go through some of the main ones with you.

Lift Ticket CostWhere Should We Go Skiing This Year? Factors to Consider!

The cost of lift tickets can greatly affect the final cost of your vacation. Make sure to look around to see what the costs are and all the fees/taxes you may need to pay. You don’t want to be in for any surprises! Also check to see what type of group discounts there might be, or if the kids can get a lower priced ticket for their skiing.


If you know you’re prone to getting sick at higher altitudes, keep that in mind while choosing your ski resort. You don’t want to be sick and miss out on your vacation! Watching everyone else having a great time skiing while you’re stuck in the room would be a horrible way to spend your vacation.

Ski Lifts

Do you want a certain type of ski lift? Do you want a lift that will take you to multiple slopes? Do a little research on various lift to help you decide which ski resort has the type you prefer.


If you or someone in your group needs ski instruction, you’ll want to take that into consideration when choosing a resort. Find out what kind of classes they offer, what the costs are, and what kind of certification the instructors have. With all of this information in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your next choice of ski resort. If you’re very new to skiing, see if someone in your group will go with you your first few times down the slopes – or ask for that from the resort as well.

Weather Forecast

While the weather can be unpredictable, you want to see what you can expect on your next skiing visit. If the slopes have closed early the last three years and they’re anticipating the same thing this year due to lack of snowfall, you may want to try a different location.


Some people like a variety of options during their ski vacation. They might try different resorts on different days to get the most out of their skiing getaway. If this is something you’re wanting, make sure to look around and see which locations – such as Breckenridge – are known for many high-quality ski resorts.


In some locations it can be hard to find lodging, let alone lodging that is close to the slopes you want to ski. If you choose to come skiing in the Breckenridge area, you’ll find that Breckenridge Rental can take care of all your lodging needs! Whether you’re here for an extended weekend or several weeks, we’ve got the accommodations you’ve been looking for.


Before you plan your next ski getaway, think about what you’re looking for. This list should help you make your next vacation your best one yet!