Top Ski Vacation Tips to Have a Wonderful Time

Planning your first or fiftieth ski vacation is a fun process! However, sometimes the first timers get overwhelmed with things to do and consider. Here we are going to share our top seven ski vacation tips to ensure your next trip is the best one yet!

1. Plan AheadSeven Top Ski Vacation Tips to Have a Wonderful Time

Many times you can save money by buying your lift tickets ahead of time. You might also get discounts on your rental property if you book early enough or meet other requirements. You can also look into buying packages, such as ski school for the entire group.

2. Pack and Dress Appropriately

Make sure you are dressing in layers! It can get really cold up on the slopes, but you’ll also be working up a sweat since you’ll be enjoying the full ski experience.

3. Pack Extras

You’re going to want good socks and gloves. It really does make a difference! It might even be worthwhile to stock up on hand or toe warmers. These can be just a few bucks but keep everyone happy!

4. Prevent Altitude Sickness

We wrote an entire post about this here. You definitely want to make sure everyone in your trip is healthy enough to enjoy the entire vacation! This might be the most important of the ski vacation tips because no one wants their entire trip ruined!

5. Pack Sunscreen

While you may not need a lot of this little beauty, you’re going to want some for your face. The slopes are different from just hanging around town. A sunburned nose is not going to make for a very fun trip!

6. Pack Lip Balm

While you’re packing that sunscreen, make sure to throw some lip balm into the mix as well. Your lips can burn from the sun or dry out from a day outdoors. Again, you don’t want that!

7. Try on Your Gear

Of all our ski vacation tips, this one just might be the most important. Try on your ski gear before you get out on the slopes! Yes, if this is your first time skiing everything might feel a little weird. It takes some getting used to – those boots are a bit awkward! But try the gear on inside. Have someone help you ensure it fits. There are experts at the ski resort for a reason!

With these seven ski vacation tips in mind, you’re going to have a great time! We can’t wait to see you on the slopes! Make sure to check out Breckenridge Rental for all of your property rental needs while you’re in the area. We look forward to seeing you!