Planning the Perfect Ski Inspired Wedding

We know many of you are HUGE ski fans! That’s why we decided to help you come up with the ultimate ski inspired wedding tips, ideas, and more! Let’s waste no time. Here you go!

The Guest BookPlanning the Perfect Ski Inspired Wedding

Buy a ski or two and have that be your guestbook. Or go with an old pair you have around the house. Just make sure your guests know that they are supposed to be¬†signing¬†the skis. It’ll be a great memory that you can put in your ski inspired home (or your future ski rental property!).

The Pictures

No ski inspired wedding would be complete without at least one picture of the bride and groom on the slopes on the big day! Even if you’re only going down the bunny slope in your wedding dress, it’ll make for some great pictures! If you can get the entire wedding party on the slopes for a few pictures – even better. Just have fun with it! The last thing you need is a trip to the emergency room on your big day!

Also, you cannot forget the picture of the bride and groom on the ski lift! If you want, make a sign to hang that says “Thank you!”. Then you’re all set to print out your thank you cards. Or put “just hitched” or anything fun that represents the two of you and your ski inspired wedding day.

Get a picture of the wedding party decked out in their sunglasses or goggles. This is a great way to get everyone involved without anyone actually having to hit the slopes.

Ask your photographer to get pictures of the ceremony from many different angles. If there are trees around, how awesome would a Rocky Mountain tree framed photo of the two of you be? Let the photographer scope out the area ahead of time so they know where the best shots are.

The Decor

Obviously what will make your ski inspired wedding feel the most like you’re actually on the mountain in the decor. If you can go all out for a white backdrop or mountain theme, that’s great! If something like that is too far out of your budget – no worries! Round up all of your ski gear and turn it into decorations. Use your skis as marker holders. Guests can follow the sign that tells them which way to go. Or use your ski boots as flower holders throughout the reception hall.

Afraid your guests might get cold? Put inexpensive fleece blankets on your guests’ seats for the ceremony. Grandma can’t complain about being cold if you’ve already planned one step ahead for her!

Number the reception tables with tree trunks from the area with numbers engraved or branded into them. This will bring the mountain feel into your reception in another fun way!

The Food & Drinks

After asking your guests to stand out on the cold mountain to enjoy your ski inspired wedding, let them warm up with a hot chocolate bar at the reception. Include some awesome “extras” for them to add to their hot chocolate, such as candy cane sticks, caramels, or others.

Serve simple white chocolate covered pretzels, but label them as “snow covered pretzels”. They’re sure to be a hit!

Instead of cake, serve your guests cupcakes. The catch? Have them displayed on skis!

Find the perfect cake topper for your ski inspired wedding. Etsy is a great place to start looking!

Just for Fun

There are many great personalized items you can have made, but what will you specifically need for your ski inspired wedding? How about stocking hats that say bride and groom? Find something that speaks to you, but lets everyone else know the awesome personality the two of you have as a couple as well.

The Lodging

Don’t forget that your guests, your wedding party, and the new couple (you!) will need to find a great place to stay for the whole event! Let us here at Breckenridge Rental help you find the perfect place for everyone to rest their heads after a great, eventful weekend. You can search for specifics right here, or contact us. We’d be glad to help you find the perfect romantic spot for your first night as husband and wife after your ski inspired wedding.